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Making Information Accessible

Magic Egg Productions’ aim is to take information and make it accessible.

We provide accessibility by translating material into British Sign Language (BSL) videos that feature voiceover and subtitles.

We also provide assessments and advice aimed at making your information and service as accessible and inclusive as possible.



Magic Egg can help you fulfil Equal Opportunities policy as well as increasing your customer reach.

We can advise on how to set up effective ways to communicate with this new customer/client base.


We can provide a full assessment of the accessibility of your website and suggest adjustments that will meet the highest standards.

This opens up the information to British Sign Language (BSL) users, Deaf, Deafblind, blind, Hard of hearing people and those with limited mobility.


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Why is accessibility important?

Equal access to information is a fundamental human right.

Limited access to information restricts people’s ability to make informed decisions and life choices. Many in society are able to access health, banking, education, legal and travel services without difficulty and are able to contact organisations easily. However for a significant number this is not the case.

For any organisation, the ability to reach as many people as possible is key to operating successfully. Increasingly, websites are the first means of communicating the service, product or message you offer. By making your website more accessible and putting viable communication points in place, your potential customer/client base will expand.

The same accessibility issues and solutions apply to any other form of non web-based information, e.g. tours, adverts, short films, maps and safety instructions.

Magic Egg can help make your information more accessible. See the Services page for more details.