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Magic Egg's aim is to make information accessible to as many people as possible.

We do this by taking an approach which is tailored to our clients and focusing on the different components required to achieve full accessibility.


BSL Translation Videos

Magic Egg produces translations of English material into high quality BSL videos which feature subtitles and voiceover. We use Deaf BSL presenters rather than interpreters as this is considered the most appropriate and professional way to reach native BSL users.

There are 3 main forms of BSL translation video which Magic Egg produces:

Direct translation of website content and other material

Before filming, we assess the material/script and decide what is the most appropriate form and style to present it in. Usually this will result in a direct to-camera translation, filmed for maximum contrast for those with visual impairments (see example: Magic Egg Showreel). Other information can appear on the screen but a simple clear layout and style is key to accessibility.

Making pre-existing video content accessible

Often websites will feature videos on their pages. Magic Egg can create accessible versions that apply BSL, subtitles and voiceover (where appropriate). If the video is non web-based the same processes apply.

Original content

Creating original material allows the potential for greater direct engagement with those previously restricted in accessing your information. Videos are created from the start of the process using BSL Users’ own native language, rather than translated content.

Magic Egg’s policy is that all of our videos feature voiceover and subtitles to make them as inclusive as possible.


A lot of care and attention is taken with our subtitles: the timings, size, contrast, spacing and positioning is chosen with clarity in mind. Subtitles are important as they add another layer of accessibility to the information. It is important that the subtitles are synchronised with the signing and voiceover - we take great care to achieve this.


The application of voiceover aids accessibility. We take time to create recordings that are clear, friendly, engaging in tone and synchronised with the on-screen content.


Creative Solutions

At Magic Egg we enjoy the process of solving information accessibility issues in practical, creative and innovative ways.

Our accessible videos are designed to be played on a range of screen sizes with clarity and usability in mind.

Whether it’s tours, travel information, adverts, short films, health and safety information or maps, we can provide creative solutions to accessibility issues that benefit our clients and those currently restricted.

We understand that all organisations are unique and the information and service they provide reflects this. Please contact us to see how Magic Egg can help you reach more people and address accessibility issues for your organisation.


Website Accessibility

Every organisation is unique and the steps taken to create accessibility will take this into account.

After an initial consultation a plan will be drawn up. Upon its agreement accessible videos will be created, translating the website content into BSL. This is done alongside a detailed audit of the current state of accessibility from which appropriate changes are suggested. These changes are aimed at meeting the highest standards in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines and are focused on making the website content as easy to navigate and accessible for as many people as possible.

Alongside these steps we also assess the contact/communication points that are in place and see if other appropriate routes can be established.

These processes are all aimed at enabling your new potential clients or customers to gain a full understanding of what your organisation or business offers, and the ability to access your service or product without restriction.